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Term Project Part 4 - The Write-up

Write-up Guidelines

In the last part of the project, you need to organize and interpret your data, state your results, and draw some kind of conclusion from it, in the form of a research paper just like something you might submit to a journal.


This should be formatted as a real paper : 10-11pt font, single-spaced, 2 column, and a 1-2 pages in length (i.e. one page, double-sided). Tables and figures should be imbedded in the text, with legends as appropriate.


The paper should consist of the following sections, in order (labeling these sections headings is optional):

  • Title : Something like "Isolation of a novel agar-degrading strain of Sporocytophaga"
  • Author : You
  • Institution : Department of Biological Sciences, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC USA
  • Abstract
    • a 2 or 3 sentence summary of your results
  • Introduction
    • A one paragraph review of background material - perhaps about this class, ending with a summary of what this paper is about.
  • Material & Methods
    • A one paragraph summary of your experimental methods (in lab and on the computer). Feel free to cite the lab web site for details, e.g. media, PCR condition, DNA preparation, &c.
  • Results
    • What were the results in each part of the work? Include images, tables or figures where needed (this had better include your final tree!)
      • How well did different parts of the analysis agree?
    • What kind of organism do you seem to have? Can you specify the species? Genus? Family?
      • Is this consistent with what you know about the organisms microbiologically?
  • Discussion
    • What does the phylogenetic placement of your organism tell you about it?
    • What can you predict about your organism based on its phylogenetic placements?
    • What can't you predict about your organism based on its phylogenetic placements?
  • Citations!

If you got significant help from another student on the computer-ology of this project, please include an "Acknowledgement" note after the Discussion telling me who helped, so I can give some trivial token of appreciation to that student, in the form of extra points on their Term Project.

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