Jan 16


As you probably know by now, NCSU has cancelled classes for Wednesday, Jan 17th, due to the threat of bad weather. Therefore those of you in Wednesdays lab section will start next week rather than this week.

Jan 07


New lab section open! Section 003, Fridays 1:30-4:20, is now available for students to move to from either of the other sections.

Dec 17


IMPORTANT : Labs start the first SECOND week of classes!

Dec 17


You NEED to bring the following gunk to lab for the second lab session (third week of classes):

  1. ~1/2 liter of pond water - not something you'd ever consdier drinking
  2. ~1/2 liter of sediment - the blacker, smellier, and nastier, the better
  3. a pinch of rich soil or untreated compost - something that smells like dirt
  4. a rotten fruit - mildly acidic is best, think "yeasty"
  5. a small sample from a rich, high temperature environment - e.g. hot water heater gunk
  6. if you can get it, a marine sample of some kind (water, sand, sediment, aquarium filtrate, &c)

DecĀ 17


FYI, here is the media and supplies list for this semester

DecĀ 17


Welcome to Microbial Diversity Lab!